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Meet every Sunday at WPCC during the school year

Girls Discipleship Class Grades 5th-8th

Little Women

Little Women is an acronym for one who:

Listens attentively to God and others, and loves selflessly

Integrity, keeps her promises and her word

Truthful to herself and others

Thankful for everything God brings her way

Loyal to Christ and others

Earnestly desires to draw closer to God

Walks with the wise, is not a companion of fools

Obedient to God, Parents and Teachers

Modest and mindful of others

Equips herself with the armor of God

Nurtures others caring  for their emotional and spiritual needs

My desire for this class is to plant a seed in each girl, to love God, love His Word, to become wise and make right choices that bring honor to His Name.

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Marti Toller

(970) 887-0291

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