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Neil & Mary Willems

970-887-2152 ext. 5502


"I want to share with you that we are making an impact not only on the families but on the Project Sanctuary staff. Mike, one of the counselors told me that Heather and her staff have commented to him about our heart of service and love to the staff and families. They are softening and are more open to our sharing the hope, healing, grace and love that comes through knowing Jesus. Without your generous support this would not be possible.


On behalf of our military families and this ministry, thank you! You are appreciated much more than you know."


With blessings and in His great love, Mary Willems

The Purpose of our Ministry

How We Serve

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To support the families of those military deployed as well as reach out through those contacts to others in the military who need the love and support of those of us here at home.

We send packages to deployed troops for holidays throughout the year. These troops are WPCC family members and others we do not know for which we have had a request. We also support the “Project Sanctuary” monthly retreats at Snow Mountain Ranch by providing dinners and welcome packages.

If you sense that God is calling you to give your time and energy to support those in the military and their families, contact Neil and Mary Willems.