Sew & Sews/Destination

Dresses/Destination T-Shirts

The purpose of our ministry:

Sew & Sews and Destination Dresses are sewing ministries. Destination T-Shirts collects T-shirts to give away. Both ministries are reaching out with love and encouragement in Jesus’ name to those in our community and around the world!

Destination Dresses

Nancy Long


Sew & Sews

Sue Jackson


Destination T-Shirts 

Mae Huffman


How we serve:

Sew and Sews is a ministry that makes lap-sized quilts to be given away to those who need a “hug from Jesus.”  We are a community outreach ministry giving quilts to both those who attend WPCC and others in Grand County and beyond.


Destination Dresses makes dresses and trousers for children and sends them with mission teams to destinations all over the world including Uganda, Mexico, Nepal and Nicaragua, India, Thailand, China.

Destination T-Shirts ” provides t-shirts to boys, age 2 through 12, living in various locations around the world. This ministry is in conjunction with “Destinations Dresses”. 


Getting involved with our ministry:

If you love to sew and have a sewing machine, we would welcome you to join us on the first Saturday morning of the month.  Call Sue Jackson or Nancy Long for more information and to confirm the meeting time & place.

If you would like to donate t-shirts to Destination T-Shirts, please contact Mae Huffman.